Coronavirus & Family Law Case

How Does The Coronavirus Affect My Family Law Case?

As we continue as a community to address the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the attorneys and staff at Nicole L. Goetz P.L. are committed to working to provide our clients with the best legal services during this time while protecting them, our community, and our staff.

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Divorce Lawyer Naples

Is a Final Judgment Really Final?

When a judge has entered the final judgment in your divorce case, in most instances, you are officially divorced. One thought you might have is “at least that is over”—but is it really over?

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Hire Family Lawyer Naples

What are the factors I should consider when hiring a divorce attorney?

If you have decided to hire an attorney to represent you through the divorce process, you should make sure that you select the right attorney for your specific needs and that you understand how to work with your attorney. Attorney selection can be a huge part of whether your case is “successful” or not, and this is one of the times where it is necessary for you to do your homework.

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