Practice Statement

Divorce is a difficult process. However, it is a single event within your life and not the sole event that defines it. While it is often easy to become mired in a difficult event, such as a divorce, it is important to realize that difficulties bring tremendous opportunities for growth, change and new beginnings.

At Nicole L. Goetz, P.L., we understand that while dealing with divorce and family conflict is our business, it is not yours. Understanding the conflict that you experience is merely a chapter in your life; we promote seeing opportunities in the process and staying focused – not merely on the present – but on the future. We believe part of helping clients keep that focus is by actively pursuing creative resolutions that allow our clients to have greater control of the outcome, to keep their costs down and to move forward with their future more quickly. We encourage clients to allow us to pursue creative resolutions, including non-litigation alternatives such as mediation, negotiated settlements and participation in the collaborative law process, to attempt a quicker and more private resolution of their difficult family issues. Unfortunately, not every case is suited for these processes and we remain equally committed to litigating matters to conclusion, if settlement proves impossible.

While we cannot, and do not, guarantee results, no lawyer or law firm can. At Nicole L. Goetz, P.L., we firmly believe that complex or difficult cases present opportunities to put our knowledge and training to work for you. Nicole L. Goetz, P.L. chooses to focus its practice exclusively on family law issues and appeals. We are a boutique firm committed to knowing our chosen practice area and practicing law with the utmost ethics and professionalism.

Nicole L. Goetz, P.L. represents clients in marital and family law cases, including complex and high-net-worth divorces. We represent clients in all phases of a case, including settlement, litigation and appeal. We also provide assistance to other attorneys on complex legal issues and appellate matters.


My divorce was complicated; there were circumstances with business and personal assets, not to mention a minor child.  I needed an experienced attorney who understood the stakes and would be able to handle the intensity to protect my interests.  I interviewed several attorneys, but after meeting Nicole, I was confident that she had the qualifications to successfully represent me.  Not only did Nicole achieve the outcome I wanted, she always maintained sensitivity, honesty and integrity.  Divorce is a stressful time for anyone, but I was glad Nicole was on my side instead of my Ex’s.

I was recommended to Nicole over two years ago. Before that, I was aware of her reputation as a very fair but tenacious litigator. In family law it is critical that someone is represented by an accomplished, well known and respected Lawyer. This certainly describes Nicole Goetz.

During a very personal and trying time in my life, Nicole was contacted for her expertise in family law but especially for her work at the appeal level. With appeal work being a specialty, I wanted the best.

Nicole Goetz has all of the qualities that make a great attorney. She is a great listener and communicator. It is very clear from the beginning what the issues are and the direction that needs to be taken for a successful outcome. Nicole has a calming and positive approach to very difficult situations. She also takes a true interest in each and every client.

In my situation, I needed a specialist in appeal work. Nicole’s preparation and strategy was second to none. She is a skilled negotiator. When it came time for mediation we were completely prepared and obtained the results we were seeking.

In closing I would like to say that Nicole is very encouraging and helps you to stay focused and stay the course. I am extremely pleased that Nicole Goetz represented me. 

The preceding statements represent individual client opinions and results, and prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results.