Settlement & Negotiation

Despite TV and news portrayals of family law cases, most matters are settled or negotiated without going to trial. Our system encourages the settlement of family law matters because we know that the adversarial system does not often benefit families.  Reaching a voluntary result not only saves time but also can be a less expensive alternative to litigating your family law matter in court.

  • Negotiation with the other spouse or his or her attorney can help you reach a voluntary resolution of one or more issues in your case.
  • Mediation is a process that can resolve your family law case in a more amicable way than going to court.
    • In mediation, both parties to an action attempt to negotiate and reach an agreement regarding contested issues and settle their case outside of court.
    • The mediation process typically involves use of a neutral, third-party mediator who facilitates the settlement negotiations.
    • Even if a case is not mediated, there are often opportunities for the settlement or negotiation of issues or matters.
  • Successful negotiation directly with a party or counsel or mediation with a neutral mediator often requires the following:
    • Thorough preparation and planning.
    • Well-developed communication and listening skills.
    • An ability to quickly identify a party’s interests to facilitate valued exchanges.
    • Flexibility and an ability to create parameters that provide an advantage in the process.
    • Knowledge of the law and an issue’s likely outcome.
    • A commitment to voluntary resolution.

In Florida, if you are not able to negotiate a settlement of your matter, mediation is required before proceeding to trial.

The attorneys at Nicole L. Goetz, P.L., have experience in successfully negotiating and settling family law matters.  Our attorneys can assist you with the settlement, negotiation or mediation of your case or they can simply provide you with advice to help you do it on your own.   Whether providing full-service representation, engaging solely to represent you at a mediation, or reviewing your mediation agreement, we can be your voice in this process and/or guide you towards an optimal resolution. Contact us today at our office in Naples, Florida for an initial confidential consultation to discuss settlement and negotiation strategies relative to your family law matter.

These are some of the areas in which we provide advice: