Family Law Name Change

Often in a dissolution of marriage action, a party may seek to change names in any of the following ways:

  • Restore his or her “maiden” name
  • Assume an entirely new name
  • Change his or her child’s name

When a party desires to change his or her own name during a divorce proceeding, he or she may request that the Court enter an order changing that party’s name. If the party waits until after the divorce is final, a new Petition for Name Change must be filed and additional costs must be paid.

If a party seeks to change his or her child’s name, the party seeking to do so must file a Petition for Name Change. If the other parent does not agree to the name change, then the party seeking to change his or her child’s name must prove that the name change is in the child’s best interests or is necessary for the child’s welfare. There are many factors the court will consider when determining the child’s best interests or what is necessary to protect the child’s welfare.

Adult parties who seek a name change to one that he or she has not had before must submit fingerprints for a state and national criminal records check.

Because the process of changing one’s name entails certain proof requirements, it is important to be represented or consult with an attorney who has experience dealing with these matters. The attorneys at Nicole L. Goetz, P.L. have that experience. Please contact our office in Naples, Florida to schedule a confidential consultation if you would like more information regarding the process of changing your name or your child’s name.

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